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In one sentence, Hammerboard is a windowless soundboard. You add as many folders of sounds as you like, naming them based on what key you want to trigger that sound. Then, with a simple key combination, your keyboard switches into a mode letting you press the key of any sound you set to play it. You have more sounds than keys on the keyboard? No problem! You can have as many subfolders as you want and switch between them to make categorising and remembering easy. 1 folder for movie quotes, another for sound effects, and one more for music clips. Whether you want to annoy your friends on voice chat or use it like a cart machine while DJing, Hammerboard will make it easy and stay out of your way.


Inspired by the PCS game with the same name, and not by the Atari classic, break through layers up on layers of blocks of glass, metal, rubber and everything in between. Play with either the original sounds or new, high quality ones and background music.