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Other projects

On this page you can find other things I have worked on or help maintaining.

  • PG13 plays a series of livestreams that I’ve been doing with Talon since 2013 on IceCast and now Youtube, in which we play through and review games playable by blind players. If you’re wondering what I think about the latest games coming out, this is a great way to find out as well as get some entertainment in the process. The website contains every stream, but if you want to really keep up while also getting graphics in the games that have them you should start by subscribing to the YouTube channel first.
  • Audiogames.net the largest community of blind gamers, started way back in 2002 with a database of every audiogame out there. In early 2020, I have became a newsposter and database editor for the site.
  • Currently untitled audio a project started by myself and 2 other tallented musicians and sound designers to bring you fresh sounds for your operating systems and apps. Currently includes an original sound theme for Windows and TeamTalk, as well as a number of sound packs. We’re releasing new sounds monthly under a CC atribution license, meaning you can use them in your projects if you wish, and if you want custom sounds for your app or game, contact me or any of the others!
  • The blind Software mirror - includes all of the games and software released by Justin Dobenmire and Daniel Zingaro. Please note that these are considered abandonware and neither the original developers or myself will provide support for them.
  • Phone Tones - started by Andre Louis and now maintained by a number of people, a collection of ringtones and other sounds from various mobile phones, from the oldest Nokias to the modern flagship smartphones of today.